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Free demo available

February 21, 2024

Dive into the world of Mindspeaker's state-of-the-art software and explore the innovative features designed to enhance your communication experience.

Mindspeaker software utilizes cutting-edge Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, and Artificial Intelligence to offer user-specific sentence completion and authentically reproduce your tone of voice. Our user-friendly tutorial will walk you through the platform, showcasing its best features and functionalities.

With the ability to swiftly select pre-defined common sentences for rapid communication, complemented by symbols for easy recognition, our software streamlines the interaction process. Additionally, our circle of associations feature suggests words that logically follow the selected word, enhancing sentence formation. Powered by AI, our software ensures seamless sentence completion and correction, making communication effortless. Plus, all generated phrases are voiced in your natural tone.

What to expect?

During our free trial, you'll experience our software firsthand. You'll also have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with our specialists to discuss your specific requirements and how our software can adapt to meet them. We're committed to providing a solution that satisfies your needs and sounds like you!

What about coverage?

Furthermore, our device may be eligible for insurance coverage. For this it might be required you to directly contact your insurance provider. Explore your options with our specialists and unlock the future of communication with Mindspeaker.