Our Mission: Giving a voice to the voiceless.

MindSpeaker is on a mission to restore natural communication for individuals who lost their ability to speak. Our solutions promote patient dignity and enhanced quality of life for those who need it the most. We combine the state of the art in AI and non-invasive Brain Computer Interfacing to redefine the possibilities of human connection.

A KU Leuven university laboratory spin-off spearheaded by Prof. Marc Van Hulle, our company is setting a new standard in non-invasive Brain Computer Interfacing. Our software for decoding imagined speech ensures security, reliability, and privacy by design.

Our Vision: Augmenting Communication & Cognition

MindSpeaker envisions a future where communication is not limited to traditional speech. We envisage a future where intentional movement, emotion and language can be communicated without the use of traditional speech. 

To accelerate this future, we are crafting a comprehensive neuro-rehabilitation and entertainment platform that enhances both communication and cognition.

Through MindSpeaker's brain training applications, we envision a future where grandparents transform into digital immigrants who out-cool their grandkids, showing off completely new modes of intimate communication.