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2024 Modem expert network

February 21, 2024

As our technologies continue to evolve, we're dedicated to sharing the value of our accomplishments far and wide. Through hard work and dedication, we've invested heavily to ensure that our software is not only accessible but also adaptable to potential customers' needs.

Recently, we had the honor of presenting our technology at Modem expert network, a network of expert organizations within the healthcare sector. Modem expert network is committed to collecting and disseminating information about technology that supports individuals with disabilities, offering personal advice, professional training, and conducting research in the field.

At the event hosted at Thomas More, our CEO Arno Libert had the opportunity to showcase our solutions to attendees. He explained how our utilization of artificial intelligence enhances communication through our platforms, specifically highlighting how our technology enables individuals with dysarthria to effectively communicate with their loved ones.

We're thrilled to be part of initiatives like Modem expert network, where we can share our innovations and contribute to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities through technology.